Precut Milled Drywall Shapes & Components

Baker puts a heavy focus on the utilization of pre-cutting drywall components utilizing multiple CNC machines located in the prefabrication facility.

What can milled shapes do for you?

  • Minimize labor on the job site
  • Reduce waste on the job site
  • Reduce dust and clutter on the job site
  • Controlled and precise quality
  • Eliminate the need for cornerbead and edge trims
  • Save on tape and bed material
  • Saves time – and time is money!

What options are provided for milled drywall shapes?

  • Furrdowns
  • Light Coves & Pockets
  • Ceiling Cloud Trims
  • Outside Corners
  • Column Wraps
  • In-Wall Reveals
  • Window Returns
  • Top of Wall Decking Cuts (Castle Cuts)
  • Precut & Prenotched In-Wall
  • Wood Blocking
  • Custom shapes and sizes…

When to look for use of milled shapes and components?

  • Highly repeatable and repetitious shapes and details
  • Complex conditions
  • Value alternates for more designed elements that are most costly

Check out our catalog for standard shape and component ordering.

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