Case Studies

Considering prefabrication on your project? Let the numbers and the data explain why prefabrication in construction makes so much sense.

Panelizing some of the worlds largest brands.

Some of the largest brands in the USA have started designing with prefabrication in mind. See some of the innovators below.

Parkland outpatient center

Is Prefabrication Cheaper?

The question we get all the time. Parkland Outpatient Center is a great case study to explore this question. We tend to approach prefabricated projects as 'cost neutral', knowing that the nuances that occur to each project can be unique in nature and can make pricing vary from project to project.

Parkland Outpatient Center was a publicly bid and solicited project where we bid prefabricated finished panels against conventional construction trades. We had the opportunity to help influence the design so that the facades were panel friendly in size and shape, while maintaining original design intent and not sacrificing aesthetics to the facade. See our story below to learn how we were able to produce prefabricated numbers at a cost value to the client compared to conventional construction methods.

Check out the link below to learn more about the panelization preconstruction process.

Aloft Hotel

No laydown? No problem.

Prefabricated panels are a great answer to dense construction sites. This project is in the heart of the downtown Austin landscape, and had a zero laydown policy for all trades. Utilizing just-in-time delivery, we shipped panels from Dallas to Austin, picking panels directly off our trucks for instant installation on the building facades. How fast is the panel installation? We chased concrete as the building went vertical, enclosing a complete floor (with glazing included) in 2 nights during the pour's 7 day sequence.

Check out the link below to learn more.


Marriott Cesar Chavez

Does panelization increase the critical path?

Absolutely it does. Marriot Cesar Chavez is a great example. With over 650 prefabricated panels set on the podium and tower garage, this Austin, TX project is one of our largest to date. We love getting asked the question "how does improving skin time really increase my overall critical path within my project schedule?"

See the link below to find out more on benefits to schedule utilizing prefabricated exterior panels.

Medical Center Plano tower expansion

Are there realized benefits to prefabrication in construction?

You bet. As part of an early design assist agreement, we were brought on board early on along with several other critical trades. This project had clear, concise goals from the very beginning, and we tracked metrics before, during, and after construction to help prove the value of prefabrication from a cost, time, quality, and efficiency standpoint.

See how 130,000 floor SF got enclosed in 41 days. Check out the link below.